gives you the opportunity to receive individual and exclusive access to me to support your goals and guide you towards success.

"Christy was great, she motivated me and showed me just how far you can challenge your body in a short amount of time. She gave me great workout routines that are easy to do at home. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to get in shape" Jen M.

My individual coaching program allows me to personalize your journey and consider your unique circumstances. With exclusive focus on your needs & goals, the sky is the limit! 

Exclusive daily access to me via text message

New challenging & effective workouts each month. Based on your choice of home or gym setting

Video tutorials and printable PDF’s of all workout routines all accessable via phone/tablet/computer 

Individual Nutrition Coaching to find the best method suited to your lifestyle 

Weekly email check-in to provide accountability and adherance to your program

A full history assessment to ensure the best quality programming

Once you choose to train with my by "clicking" the button above - you will be directed to payment set up (Paypal) and once payment is confirmed, an email from myself will follow shortly after. I will schedule a introductory phone call with you and kick off your coaching program! 

"I have you to thank for my healthy and fit physique! You are an amazing coach – personable, dedicated and consistent! Thank you for helping me reach my fitness goals, and for sharing your knowledge on healthy eating! I am at my best health ever! To everyone who is ready to create their ideal health and positive mindset, I highly recommend Christy to be your coach! She is simply the best!!!" Jeanne B.

"I trained with Christy 2-3 times a week. Her training plans are seriously effective and kicked ass. I’ve tried gym memberships and every diet fad you can think of, and none of those gave me the results and positive attitude about my body like Christy did" Courtney A.

  •   Lose fat and build lean muscle
  •  Be kept accountable and focused
  •  Boost your self confidence
  •  Learn how to eat for health and lose the restrictions of dieting
  •  Improve your daily habits for sustainability
  •  Enjoy being active and see it as something fun and not a punishment

Virtual Coaching is the newest and most exciting way to train with a coach! It allows you to:

Train with me, Christy Amason, no matter your location

Train from home or gym without having to add in person sessions to your busy schedule

Less costly than in person coaching (saves you money $$)

Provides you with access to your coach EVERY DAY!

I was 5 months post baby #2, feeling pretty good and ready to start increasing my training intensity and weights but I was having mild (nagging) lower back pain. 

I had a very informative session with Christy and I wish I would of seen her sooner. She assessed my diastisis, practiced activating the pelvic floor muscles/TA with proper breathing technique at rest and she showed me how to apply this technique in the gym. 

My lower back pain has already improved and the techniques have also translates to everyday life, which is most important. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need access to a gym or equipment for the workouts?  

Most of the workouts I’ll provide can be done with little to no equipment. Access to dumbbells and/or bands will help increase the intensity of the workouts and show greater results!  

Do I need previous experience to be able to complete the workouts?  

It’s preferred that you have a previous exercise knowledge and can confidently perform the techniques. However, I’ll provide instructions in the videos on how to modify if required. You also have the option to book a face to face session with me if you are local to my area.

Is there a minimum commitment for 1:1 packages?  

No. You can cancel your coaching at anytime.  

How do I get access to the content?  

You will access all workouts via Google Sheet using a free app on your phone/tablet/computer. Communication with Christy regarding your program will occur daily via text and 1x/week via email.