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What you’ll get in this virtual wellness community designed for moms:

As a member of the MOTHERHOOD MUST HAVES CLUB (MHMH) you'll have online access to three years worth of workout videos and printables that are home based with little to no equipment. I designed these to be super effective and modifiable for any level of fitness. Each week, we will have candid conversations about common issues we experience like urinary incontinence (peeing when we sneeze!), pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti and more. All topics that moms NEED to know about, but often don't have any where to turn to for answers. Need to know more about nutrition? I got you. You'll enjoy access to my recipe library and other tools I've created to help take the stress out of food. You'll have access to a private Facebook community to share, uplift and bond with other moms. A virtual community of women sharing their experiences, working on themselves and thriving instead of just surviving! Daily check ins with your coach (me!) will help to keep consistent habits in check amidst the chaos and allow you to ask questions and get guidance any time you need it. ALL OF THIS FOR THE COST OF A COFFEE 

Join the club today $7.98/wk

Short Intense Workouts

30 mins or less, minimal equipment, effective


With a coach and community on your side, you are sure to stay engaged 

Keep Food Simple

Food is fun (and easy)

“I just wanted to thank you for the Motherhood Must Haves club. It has been so helpful to get a weekly email that feels like it asks and answers the questions I should have and didn’t even know I had. Questions about what to expect or what to do to manage this journey of motherhood, my body, exercise, etc. I especially like the workouts you add at the bottom. I highly recommend them to everyone!!” 

Charlene S.

“I love Empowerfit’s weekly Motherhood Must Haves club content. Christy has a unique way of blending her (very raw and real!) personal stories with proven research and her professional experience as a pre/postnatal coach. I love the printable resources, worksheets and videos she offers in each email — they help me put her tips into action right away.”

Andrea N.

Don’t wait, create your ultimate fitness & wellness routine today, from the comfort of your own home.

Join the club today $7.98/wk