Tight Tummy 10 week Program for MOMS

A 10-week program that will IMPROVE the appearance, function & strength of your TUMMY

Keep Reading If You Are: 

  •  A new or experienced MOM (this is perfect for any stage of postpartum)
  • Overwhelmed with feelings of poor body image
  • Unable to lose your postpartum "pooch" no matter what you do
  • Embarrassed about a bulging or doming belly that just won't go away  
  • Leaking pee (or gas) at any time (even if it's just a little bit or once in a while)!
  • Struggling with hormonal shifts and mood swings
  • In need of a program that is simple and effective and doable from home
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"After doing the first workout, I was singing Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman.You make my life so much better!" ~ Jennifer

 Will Guide You Through Everything You Need To Know

  • Ten days of specialized RECONNECT practice that will teach you the NEW basics of ab training.
  • Fifteen Targeted Workouts to Restore & Rebuild your tummy muscles AND tone your entire body.
  •  Video tutorials of all the workous. Great for newbies or experienced gym goers. Nothing is left out.
  • All workouts can be done from home or in gym setting. Eliminate having to pay for child care, excess travel time and hassle by sweating in the comfort of your home.
  • Reduce and improve the look & function of your diastasis recti gap (something every mom gets during/after pregnancy)!
  • Help with hormones and how they can impact fat loss, water retention and other annoying symptoms.

  •  Life Time Access to the member portal (this means FREE updates and add-ons for you for the life of the progam)!
  • 7-day smoothie bowl program, meal planning inspiration and nutrition coaching. Perfect for managing belly bloat!
  • Improve full body strength and increase energy after only a few weeks!  
  • Relax, unwind and treat yo'self with Yoga Flows just for moms (we kept them 10 mins or less)!  

  • Moms, at any stage of motherhood • Moms that are tired of their body image ruining their mood • Moms unable to lose the postpartum "pooch" - even when they do everything right • Caesarean mamas struggling with the belly ‘shelf’ and scar-related symptoms • Moms who are tired of being asked if they are pregnant (and are not) • Moms that leak pee (gas or poo) at any time (even if it's just a little bit) • Moms wanting to feel strong, resilient and energetic • Moms that needs to reconnect with the woman she was before babies • Moms dealing with chronic pain, tightness or discomfort in hips, back or shoulders 

 Anyone looking for a strict, restricted diet plan Anyone that has trouble ‘trusting the process’ Anyone that doesn’t believe postpartum training needs to be different Anyone not willing to put the work in and expects overnight results  

"More women need to hear your message of being proud of becoming a mom and all it’s left us physically, while also remembering that we don’t need to settle for incontinence or constant pain." ~ Jeanelle

Christy Amason

is a mom of two and best known for her no nonsense approach to postnatal fitness. As a postnatal fitness expert with over 15 years of experience as a coach, Christy had dedicated her coaching career to helping moms become fit, empowered and symptom-free in their body after babies. 

Being able to relate her own struggles with return to exercise after her daughter was born, Christy has been able to understand first-hand what moms need (and are lacking) from the fitness industry. 

Christy's passion for helping moms discover their fit-potenial after babies, shines through in every aspect of her coaching career. She helps moms redefine their #mombod through 1:1 coaching, classes, online coaching and an active social media presence. 

Christy's reputation for being down to earth and her ability to produce fast results, has made her one of the go-to postnatal coaches in the industry.

Every single mom that I have the chance to talk to, always asks the same question "HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS?" 

They are inevitably pointing or grabbing their tummy and making a face that shows disgust or unhappiness regarding the current state of their belly. 

I GET IT. I'm a woman and a mom too, and I've been there. And after havin' babies - the struggle is REAL. No matter how athletic or good we may be at eating healthy; one fact remains: Our Tummies Are Never the Same!

BUT - our tummies can in fact be tight again, we can feel confident again, we can actually love our bodies again.

There is little out there regarding diastasis and the true nature of what it is and how to improve the appearance and function of diastasis after pregnancy. Oh sure, you'll find Instagram or Facebook filled with promises of "getting your body back", but most of these programs miss the mark and have ZERO to with how a postpartum body behaves and needs to be treated.

There is also a lack of support when it comes to the basics: food, hormones, water and stress. We have to start at the beginning and follow a well laid path that allows us to eat (no restriction in this program!), understand what our hormones are doing, and carve out time for us to not just get results, but get results that last forever AND make us feel so empowered in our body, that we never look at it with disgust or shame again.

Every single one of us is different. Which means we need a program that helps us learn about OUR bodies and how to read the cues it's giving us. THAT'S EMPOWERMENT.

I created the Empowered Mom - Tight Tummy program to answer the questions YOU have been asking and help you feel sexy, strong and confident in your body after babies.

It doesn't matter if you are newly postpartum or have kids that are older. ONCE POSTPARTUM, ALWAYS POSTPARTUM. Tight Tummy is the program you've been waiting for and I'm SO excited to deliver it you. 

"I’m thrilled to say that I absolutely love the workout from week 1 and this weeks yoga flow!! Big thumbs up!" ~ Celine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a new mom, I don't have a lot of time. How long are the workouts? A: As a mom of two I understand how precious time is! Each workout is only 30 minutes or less if done without interruption.

Q: Is there any support by Christy in the DIY? A: The DIY program is just that. You'll be doing the program as guided by me via videos and PDFs, but there will be no direct contact or coaching from Christy unless you purchase the Coached by Christy option. In the coached option, Christy will be there for you each day to hold you accountable and get you the best results possible! 

Q: Do I need to have a gym membership to do the workouts? A: NOPE! You can do all of the workouts from home and they require very little equipment.

Q: Do I need equipment for the program? And what do I need? A: YES. You will need a few standard items such as a resistance band with handles, a set of light/medium dumbbells and a yoga mat. Some optional additions are mini bands and kettlebells.

Q: What if I can't progress as quickly as the program recommends? A: This journey through Tight Tummy is individually yours! You can always repeat any portion of the program until you are ready to continue to the next segment.

Q: I pee a little when I run, sneeze, cough or jump. Will this help? A: Tight Tummy will give you the tools you need to improve and reduce symptoms from urinary incontinence (which is very common). I always encourage you to seek out a pelvic health physio for additional support to compliment this program and give you your best chances at recovery.

Q: Will there be modifications for each exercises in case I can't do what is programmed? A: Absolutely. I've included regressions and progressions where applicable so that no matter your level of ability, you feel confident in completing each workout.

Q: I just had my baby; how soon can I begin the program? A: While there are many aspects of the program you can use immediately, you should always wait until you have been cleared by your doctor for exercise to begin the workouts. Typically this is around 6-8 weeks. Take advantage of all the extra nutrition, education and more until then!

Q: I have a really weak core; will this help? A: Tight Tummy was created with a moms core strength and functionality in mind and each workout has been designed with a special focus on core and total body well being.

Q: How will I access the program? A: The entie 10 weeks of workouts and content are housed on a web portal for easy access 24/7. You can get in to your program from a phone, tablet or computer!

Be Strong, Confident and Rock Your Tight Tummy in Less Than 30 days! 

"Your videos were so great! You clearly show and explain the moves and providing alternatives as I advance was definitely motivating."

After you make your purchase of Empowered Mom - Tight Tummy, you'll receive an email with your username & password that grants you access into the private (and gorgeous!) web portal that I've created for you.

Once you're in the portal, you'll find everything laid out for you in phases, so that it's simple and very easy for you to get right into the program.

I've laid out guidelines and what to expect for each segment of the 10 week program; which videos to watch and which PDF's to read up on for your best success. There is a special bonus section which houses extra goodies that you can use at your discretion and enjoy for as long as you need.

If you purchase the Coached by Christy option, you will be directed via a welcome email from myself, to the private Facebook community that is ready and waiting for you and all the other smart mamas who have taken the step towards a tighter, stronger tummy (and body!) by purchasing this program. In this group, you can ask questions, support each other, share your stories and feel the extraordinary energy that comes from moms experiencing something amazing together. I'll be in there supporting you and coaching you along the way!

You can access the portal and any content in there (forever and ever!) on any phone/tablet/computer and of course I'm always a quick email away if you ever have questions or need some guidance.